About Qtest Inc.

Established in 2003, Q Test, Inc. is located in Linden, NJ. As a distributor of a wide variety of drug and alcohol drug testing kits, we pride ourselves on offering the following:

  • top quality products

  • excellent customer service with quick response

  • affordable prices for all our customers.

We cater to all persons, businesses and organizations-from small to large and our products and services are available nationwide and internationally.

Feel free to browse through our website for more product service information. Q Test, Inc. can fulfill all your drug testing needs. We look forward to serving you.

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Our Tests

Q Test, Inc. offers top-quality instant, on-site drug testing kits that include drug and alcohol testing at an inexpensive price. Our instant drug test kits and alcohol screening tests are easy to use, easy to read and provide results in minutes- Each drug testing kit is FDA-approved, proven laboratory accurate, has built-in quality controls and a shelf-Iife of 18- to 24-months.

The drug test kits are easily administered at your workplace, clinic, home or other location. Our drug screening kits are designed for use in all types of industries to include Fortune 500 companies. staffing agencies, construction, transportation, hospitals and laboratories, correctional institutions, counseling services, law enforcement,schools and many others.